Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diamond Ring Found at Airport!!!!

I went to church today and my Pastor was talking about how nice it would be if we turned on the TV to fox news or CNN and they had good news. No one got raped, murdered, hired a lawyer, or got robbed. Wouldn’t that be nice! Well I thought about it and decided I would try to blog about things that were in the news that was good.

Can you imagine finding a 12-carat yellow diamond ring at the airport and returning it to its owner? That is exactly what Mark Epple of Edina, Minneapolis did. Roger Ward had crafted the ring for his wife Janis for their 30th year anniversary. It was one-of-a-kind and could not be replaced. The couple didn’t realize Janis had lost the ring in the hurry of catching the plane until they had arrived back home in Miami. The Wards contacted the airport and reported the missing ring. The airport employees searched but could not find the ring.

Mark and Karen Epple were flying out of Eagle County airport when he spotted something shiny next to the curb he was unloading luggage from the car trunk. He assumed it was costume jewelry and in a hurry to depart he put it in his pocket. When he got home and got a closer look he noticed it was a sizeable ring and could be valuable. He emailed the airport’s lost and found  to report the ring.

 The airport immediately put Ward in touch with Epple. Ward described the ring and sent a picture to confirm identification.The Wards offered Mark Epple a reward but he declined. He said he saw the incident as a learning experience for his three children. He said, ”If you return something that belongs to someone else you do not expect a reward.”

 Roger Ward and his wife were amazed by Epple’s honesty. Roger Ward talked to Mark Epple and discovered he was an architect and had been laid off. He also discovered that Mark was passionate about skiing in Colorado. He offered Mark to stay at his part-time home Cordillera, an upscale mountain development near the Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts.

The Epples arrived with a couple of friends for their ski vacation on December 26.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is going on with dead birds, fish, crabs, etc...????? End Times????

Dead birds falling from the sky! Thousands of fish dead! What is going on all over the world? Could it be The End Times? Is it The End of the World? It all started on New Year’s Eve when over 5000 dead red-wing black birds fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas in a one-mile radius. The cause is still being investigated. Were the birds spooked by fireworks? That is one theory. All that is known for sure is that the birds died from trauma. Similar incidents have also been reported in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Sweden.

In Louisiana, near Baton Rouge on the side of a highway 500 birds were found dead. Supposedly they were spooked and ran into power lines. Is that as hard for you to believe as it is for me to believe? I don’t know what killed the birds but hard too believe 500 birds at one time flew into power lines.
In Kentucky several hundred blackbirds, starlings, and grackles were found dead near Murry. They have ruled out disease or poisons, so what is the cause of death?

In Sweden they are investigating the deaths of 100 crows in the town of Falkoping. They do not know what caused the deaths.
Now we here reports of hundreds, maybe thousands of turtle doves falling from the sky in Faenza, Italy. Many of these birds reported to have a blue stain on their beaks. Was this caused by poisoning? One wildlife authority suggested that the birds may have been caught up in a high altitude wind storm. What do you think?
In North Carolina 100 pelicans have died under suspicious circumstances. These birds found along the Shore of Topsail Island were de-winged, stabbed, shot, and decapitated. Was someone or something behind this?
In Houston, Minnesota a parasite killed about 4000 water birds between September and November of 2010.
Officials in Canada are scrambling to deal with 10,000’s of birds found dead in Winnipeg Manitoba. The cause is believed to be from a extremely virulent strain of bird flu.
Bird deaths have also been reported in Argentina.
You may not have heard but 50-100 dead birds were found around the rural town of Marion, Illinois. These were reported dead about the same times as the ones in Beebe, Arkansas.

Now East Texas also is reporting hundreds of dead birds found along a bridge in Tyler. The cause of the death of the birds is unknown. One theory they were walking on the bridge and cars hit them. Plainview, Texas has also reported 35 dead grackle birds in a parking lot believed to have died from high winds. Very unusual!

More than 100 birds found in Wilson County, Tennessee on Hwy 70 near Lebanon. A weird strange thing!  120 dead grackles were also found in the Spring Creek area. The question of how these birds turned up dead is still a mystery. Could Tennessee’s dead birds be related to other dead birds in other states? A few weeks ago a group of dead birds was also found near the Hobson Bay Bridge in Davidson County.
Japan on alert after finding dead birds! A hooded crane was found dead on the Izumi Plain.  23 birds were found dead in Tottori in the north. The birds are being tested.
On January 6, 2011, 25 dead crows were found in Indianapolis by U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Mass Birds found dead overnight in Taiwan on January 8, 2011. Hundreds of dead birds found dead in a fruit garden.

In the past few days, 40,000 velvet swimming crabs have washed up on the shores of Kent in Britian. Also found were dead sponges, lobster, starfish, and anemone.

What is the mystery behind these deaths? Supposedly extreme cold weather was the cause.
Two million Croaker fish were discovered dead in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. This is a very large amount. There have been incidents of massive amounts of dead fish also in Brazil, New Zealand, and Arkansas. Environmentalists are claiming it is a natural phenomenon, but is it?
Things get weirder! In Parana, Brazil, 100-tons of sardines and small catfish have died. So what is the cause of these deaths? Experts are still puzzled about the deaths of these fish. It is a very sad situation.
In New Zealand dead Penguins have been washing up on beaches for several weeks now.
Autopsies show they starved to death. The cause fish have moved and the penguins can’t find enough food. Do you believe that is the cause? New Zealand has also had hundreds of dead snapper fish wash ashore on the North Island. The fish line the shore as far as the eye can see. Supposedly they also died of starvation.
Scientists are not sure what caused the death of 100,000 drum fish that washed up in Ozark on the Arkansas River.
Dead fish clog Lake near airport! In Australia locals just south of Rockhampton have reported 5000 to 7000 dead fish of 11 different species. The area has been sealed off. Also hundreds of fish have died in the Golburn River near Victoria, Australia. Supposedly with all the massive flooding microorganisms from dying vegetation have stole most of the oxygen from nearby waters. What do think?
During the last week of December 150-tons of Red Tilapia fish died on aquiculture farms in Vietnam. What was the cause? Was it too many fish in a pen and low oxygen? You decide.

In the St. Clair River, Ontario, Canada officials reported finding hundreds of gizzard shad that washed on shore. Temperature shook is the cause of these deaths. What is truth? 

Also hundreds of dead shad fish were found in a pond in Lincoln Park, Michigan.
If you want to walk along the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina you will have to watch out for hundreds of jelly fish and starfish that have washed up dead along the shore. Biologists believe that the cold weather is to blame for this incident.
Are all these deaths related somehow? In fact, there have been 90 mass deaths reported in the United States in the last six months.

Haiti investigates mystery of dead fish. Scores of fish were found dead between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They are afraid it could be linked to a deadly cholera epidemic. Maybe it is a disease or a toxic?
This just gets weirder and weirder. Hundreds of dead fish found at Goytre Wharf in Wales. Most of the fish were bream, carp, and roach. Officials are advising not to go near or pick up any fish.
Florida- January 4th thousands of dead fish were found in Volusia County. The fish were floating in Spruce Creek in Port Orange. According to people who live along the creek the fish kill is very unusual.  The number of dead fish and the smell are overwhelming. Most of the fish were mullet, catfish, and ladyfish.
They have found birds’ dead, fish dead, and even bats dead. What is going on in the world? On December 28th, 70 bats were found dead in Tuscan, Arizona. The cause is unseasonably warm weather. Do you agree?
This is happening world wide. What are the causes of these deaths? Dead birds and fish! They are everywhere! Whatever the cause falling birds and dead fish is not a good thing.
Is it the end times? Mass deaths have been reported about 16 times in the last 20 years.
What is your opinion? Is it Biblical prophecy? Let me hear your thoughts.