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Why is ECO Fashion so popular?
Eco-fashions don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics—and are made by people earning fair wages in healthy working conditions.

13 ECO Fashion sources:

1. GAIAM-Gaiam is a health-conscious, environmentally responsible lifestyle company whose goal is to bring LOHAS to the mainstream. The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) concept is centered on the idea that our own health and happiness is connected to the health of our planet. Taking a holistic approach to our content and product selection, we encourage wholesome lifestyle choices with healthy, green products for your home and body.

2. The Green Loop-is an online fashion store whose stated mission is "an alignment of style and sustainability, a fusion of aesthetics and ethics." They have a good selection of men's and women's clothing from a variety green fashion labels such as Loomstate, Stewart+Brown and Nui Organics.

3. BOLSHIE-Bolshie clothing is where you can buy clothes with attitude, and our attitude is that organic, fairtrade and recycled is best - for people and for planet.

4. Charmoné- Charming shoes, in harmony with the earth.
Our mission is to create beautiful, luxurious, sexy shoes that are also sustainable and cruelty-free. Every shoe incorporates European design and quality while using only animal-free, eco-friendly materials. We believe no one should sacrifice their style conscious just to serve their social conscience. Charmoné is focused on compassionate design.

5. Linda Loudermilk-Eco-designer for eco-conscious celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Debra Messing and Jennifer Beals, Linda Loudermilk merges high fashion skills and environmental awareness with the wonder of earth-generated textiles made of sasawashi, bamboo, sea cell, soya and other eco-fabrics such as EcoSpun®. EcoSpun® is recycled plastic beverage bottles that have been melted and then turned into a filament that is spun and re-knit with cotton to form a soft and fleecy fabric.

6. NaturevsFuture-Naturevsfuture® is an artistic expression of organic futurism via clothing. Blending innovative, sculptural design with natural & sustainable fabrics naturevsfuture® is designed with an eco-conscious approach. NVF acknowledges the increased environmental concerns & the need to preserve & respect our earth while advancing.

7. Project Alabama-Designer Natalie (a.k.a. "Alabama") Chanin founded Project Alabama in 2000. Her line of handmade chic items ranges from recycled T-shirts to painted-on eveningwear. Chanin uses local seamstresses to create all designs and does her part for the environment by recycling T-shirts and other items. In 2005 the label will introduce a new line of its celebrated T-shirts at more affordable prices and is one of three finalists for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Fashion and one of 10 designers up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

8. Toby Pomeroy-Toby Pomeroy’s art has always drawn upon global influences and principles of sustainability. Conflicted by the intolerable impacts of conventional precious metals mining, Toby asked the nations largest gold suppliers and refiners if they would provide pure gold and silver derived entirely from reclaimed sources. They agreed, and this ground-breaking initiative became Toby’ Pomeroy’s source of 100% reclaimed gold and silver.

9. ADILI-Adili is the Swahili word for 'ethical and just'. As a company Adili believes that it is possible for fashion to be both stylish and made in an ethical and just way; in a way that gives rather than takes from people and the planet; in a way that upholds the dignity of those along the supply chain.

10. EQUA- Equa is a women's wear boutique based in Islington's Camden Passage. We are dedicated to providing fashionable women's wear that has been produced under the principles of fair trade.

11. OF THE EARTH-Of The Earth is always finding new ways to integrate our eco-conscious ideals into our wardrobe. We are the designers and manufacturers of stylish fashion using organic cotton, merino wool, cashmere, silk, linen, ramie, hemp, tencel, soy, bamboo, recycled H2O bottles and other alternative and organic textiles. The Company is in the process of seeking certification for all organic fibers, processing mills and factories. Of The Earth is vertically integrated from farm to finished goods.

12. TERRA PLANA- Terra Plana means Flat Land. It looks like we live on a flat land but, as with Terra Plana products, there is a more subtle truth.
Terra Plana makes a variety of sustainable products fitting into one of three concepts:

21st Century Artisan

Exemplified by the core of the Terra Plana range. Combining an understanding of classic shoe making with passion for modern techniques and materials.


Our sub brand Worn Again spearheads our innovation in using recycled materials.


As much as we love and realistically need shoes, there is a lot of evidence that suggests barefoot is best for our bodies. Vivo Barefoot and Dopie are two concepts we have developed to meet our barefoot needs.

13 Under The Canopy- Style! Quality! Organic!

Ethics, in short, have become fashionable!!!


Joyismygoal said...

Go Green! good Awareness

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This is a really great list. I wish more people were as concerned about good product and fair wage. Good TT!

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#4 should guarantee full employment for podiatrists! Interesting list.

My TT is up.

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Great list! The only one that I had heard of was Gaiam. I will definitely be checking out the others.

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Thanks for compiling this very useful list, Carol! I'm going to share this with my friends. I just signed your guestbook!