Monday, June 4, 2007

Jack's Pirate Treasure!

Ahoy me Matey’s! Jack was the most feared, respected, and dangerous pirate to sail the seven seas. Having plundered numerous enemies and looted over two-thousand ships. Capt. Jack is easily the most well-known pirate of the ages. Jack’s father Capt. Bloodhook had hidden his entire fortune of buried treasure on an undisclosed island. Cap’n Bloodhook left his original and only map to his son Jack. Many a pirate had tried to find and steal that map to no avail. Little does anyone realize the mystery to the treasure lies in the necklace around Jack’s neck. Can you find the treasure?

Handmade by local artist ceramic starfish, grey polymer clay bead, vintage bead that looks like a shrunken head, and tusk (hangs 3” at longest point), are all hand wire-wrapped with copper wire to spring ring and hang from brown leather 16” cord with bone bead used for closure.

This item is also part of my Linkage Collection which is a group of found, recycled and new items fashioned into components which can be combined in a variety of ways to make necklaces, key chains, charms for your belt loops, hand bags, watches, – the sky is the limit. The idea for the Linkage Collection came from another ETSY seller Lori Marsha which can be found at:, who is the creator of the linkage project, and all our Linkage items work together.

Here is what Lori Marsha has to say about Linkage:
Linkage is about how we ascribe meaning to objects. These small pieces, which can be used individually or grouped together, are a way to express something about ourselves. When we look at a bright blue button or a vintage game piece, we tend to attach our own experience to it. That experience is linked to a memory and that connection forms an important part of our individuality. Sometimes memories are all together too fragile.

I donate 10% of the proceeds of Linkage sales to The Alzheimers Association.


France said...

I really like this. I saw it on Etsy!

tigergirl said...

Love it. The story and the piece. I'm going to look into the linkage project it really sounds like it's up my alley.

tigergirl said...

Not to mention the fact that that 10% donation might be helping me out one day!!