Friday, July 16, 2010

Embrace Faith

A man is driving a convertible on a mountain road, took an unexpected turn too quickly and went right over the edge. As his car fell, he managed to grab onto a tree sprouting from the cliff face as his car dropped a thousand feet to the canyon floor.
"Help!" he screamed.
 "Can anyone hear me?" he cried.
Suddenly the clouds rolled together and a voice like thunder said, "Yes I can hear you."
"Will you help me?"
"Yes, I will help you. Do you believe in me?"
"Yes, I believe in you."
"Do you trust me?"
"Yes, yes I trust you. Please, hurry."
"If you trust me, then let go of the tree," thundered the voice.
After a long silence, the man cried, "Can anyone else hear me?"

If you want to embrace faith, you must let God into your life.

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