Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today Matters

I am reading this great book!
Today I read:
You cannot buy or win happiness. You must choose it.
Your attitude is contagious!
There are 2 kinds of people in any organization: polluters and purifiers. Polluters are like smokestacks, belching out dirty smoke all the time. They hate clear skies, and no matter how good it gets, they can find a way to make it gloomy. When the people around them "breathe" their toxins, they feel sicker and sicker.
purifiers, on the other hand, make everything around them better. It doesn't matter what kind of rotten atmosphere they encounter. They take in the toxic words of polluters in the organization just as everyone else does, but they filter the words before passing them on. What goes in may be gloomy and negative, but when it comes back out, it's fresh and clear.

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