Sunday, July 8, 2007

Andrea Modeling Sohobeads Jewelry

My daughter (Andrea) and my grandkids came to visit me for the week in Florida since my birthday was July 1st. They live in Louisiana. It was great having them here for the week. I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I got to spend quality time with my daughter while at the same time getting some great pics of my jewelry. I just think you can sell jewelry better if someone can see how the pieces look on. I took some awesome pictures of my daughter modeling my jewelry. Luckily, she is a natural, so we had a blast! Here is the result of our fun time together!
I also had an assignment with Etsy Blogger Street Team to write about Orange on my blog. Since I have been so busy this week with my daughter here I decide to have the background orange on this collage to fullfill that assignment.
You can find the jewelry ay my etsy shop or at my rubylane shop!!!!


Block Party Press said...

The Leafletter looks great! Your daughter is beautiful and she did a great job modeling your beautiful jewelry!

sohobeads said...

Thanks so much Tamara for the nice comment!!

Zakmam said...

I must admit I'm not really an expert at jewelry, but the designs truly look inspired! .... And of course Andrea is a natural!

My 14-year old niece is crazy about beads necklaces and bracelets, and I'll her know about your site.